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Meditation 1310
We are still here. Where’s Robert Weinland?

by: John Tyrrell

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I was intending to do another “On this day in UCTAA history”, but then I noticed that May 27 2016 is the fourth anniversary of the failure of Robert Weinland’s end times prediction.

Generally, Weinland’s prediction got ignored outside his cult following (one of the many splinter groups arising out of the Worldwide Church of God), largely because of the vastly more publicized predictions of Harold Camping.

We are still here. Where’s Robert Weinland?*

I first wrote about Weinland in “Mark May 28 2012 on your Calendar” and followed up with a more extensive look at his predictions in “And the messenger system is still not working.”

As we all expected, Weinland was wrong and I took the opportunity to gloat a bit a couple of days before the actual date. (If the Apocalypse is based on seventy Daniel weeks...  We are still early in week one.)

After being proven wrong, Weinland made a feeble attempt to revise his prediction (Weinland Rips Off Camping's Excuse) and disappeared off my radar.

It’s exactly four years ago today it was all supposed to end. We are still here. Where’s Robert Weinland?


* I could research this. I can’t be bothered.


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