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Meditation 1314
Dreaming of - - philosophical discourse

by: Gordon Barthel

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I dream of a culture that subscribes to a higher purpose, not a higher being, but  a higher purpose, perhaps a culture that encourages philosophical discourse, the ancient human tradition of argument and counter argument, not a culture that advocates mindless repetition of archaic dogma, but a culture that endorses animated discussions for and against everything beneath the sun and beyond.

Perhaps a culture that encourages people to gather in small groups and argue for and against family, business, politics and religion, a culture that encourages people to examine every possible line of reasoning and every imaginable school of thought.

Perhaps a culture that promotes the venerable mortal tradition of organizing human knowledge into an intelligent system of thought, a culture that advocates graciously examining the advantages and disadvantages of competing views as well as judiciously examining the benefits and handicaps of our own assumptions and convictions.

I dream of a culture that champions the thoughtful assembly of human knowledge into a coherent, cohesive system of thought, not a culture that champions the blind acceptance of antediluvian perspectives, but a culture that appreciates our philosophical perspective should grow and evolve with our knowledge.


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