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Meditation 1316
Irredeemable Creationist Stupidity

by: John Tyrrell

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Meandering around the interwebz, we are bound to find any number of incredibly ignorant statements -- claims which display a fundamental lack of understanding of the subject under discussion.

Today, I found an example which illustrates the deep divide between the world-view of those who blindly hold to the literal biblical view of creation, and those who have a basic understanding of how science works.

This paragraph comes from bibleinfo.com - a site which purports to "help people find answers to life's questions... all from God's word" in an article titled "What does the Bible say about dinosaurs?"

Dinosaurs and the Bible

Ironically enough, by trusting the Bible, Christians have no need to "explain away" dinosaurs and do mental gymnastics to try and disprove their existence. The Bible even leaves the door open for Christians to discover dinosaurs alive today. Should a dinosaur exist today and ever be discovered roaming around deep in some jungle, it would not really affect our understanding of the Bible or our faith. On the other hand for evolutionists - or those of the belief of creation and dinosaurs evolved and lived millions of years ago - would have to restructure their entire system if a dinosaur appeared alive on the today's scene.

There you have it -- those who believe in the Bible should have no problem accepting it if a living dinosaur showed up [because God] while those who accept science would be dumbfounded because evolution would have to be totally rethought...

... just like the discovery in 1938 of living coelacanths -- supposedly extinct at the same time as the dinosaurs - caused a total rethink of evolution. Uh... not really.

In reality - rather than the fantasy world of creationists - the discovery of living dinosaurs in some remote place on Earth would excite scientists. It would provide them with an opportunity to better investigate and understand a species known only from the fossil record. But the survival of a hidden population of dinosaurs would have absolutely no impact on the theory of evolution. None. It would continue to stand as one of the most validated theories known to science.

Clearly, the owners of bibleinfo.com, like most creationist are clueless about how science works. And it shows in the incredibly stupid things they believe.

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