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Meditation 1317
The Proof of Ham

by: John Tyrrell

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There were numerous news stories about the opening of Ken Ham's Ark Park this week. According to the LA Times:

Ham said the massive ark, based on the tale of a man who got an end-of-the-world warning from God about a massive flood, will stand as proof that the stories of the Bible are true.

Yes, you read that correctly - Ham thinks that his inauthentic Ark "will stand as proof that the stories of the Bible are true."

Clearly, in another instance of Irredeemable Creationist Stupidity, Ham is completely clueless about the nature of proof.

The Ark Park proves the truth of the stories of the Bible in the same way that Disneyland proves the truth of the story of Steamboat Willie.

But let's look at another boat builder - someone who built real boats truly in accordance with ancient methods and materials,* and then tested them in the oceans of the world. I'm talking about Thor Heyerdahl and his Kon-Tiki, Ra, Ra II, and Tigris expeditions, all of which were supposed to demonstrate the possibility of certain migration and trade patterns.

And Heyerdahl's expeditions were successful in demonstrating the possibility of his conjectures. Yet that is all - he demonstrated possibility. He did not prove his conjectures. Today's scientific consensus is still that he was wrong.

What Heyerdahl did was 100% sounder than what Ham has done with his Ark.** And in spite of the success of his expeditions, still he failed to prove what he wanted to prove.

All Ham has done with his Ark Park farce is demonstrate the gullibility and scientific illiteracy of his creationist audience.


* Ham's Ark fails on all these counts. It's not a real boat, it's not made of materials the ancients would have used, it's not made by methods the ancients had access to.

** Yes - I'm saying Ham's Ark is completely 100% unsound as an attempt to prove the Bible, or even to demonstrate the smallest possibility of the truth of the Bible.

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