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Meditation 1318
Dreaming of - - self-organizing universe

by: Gordon Barthel

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I imagine a world that views the universe as self-organizing, a universe in which everything is organized from within by the fundamental interactions, a universe where nuclear interactions govern the organization of subatomic particles, producing and maintaining atoms; a universe where electromagnetic interactions govern the relations between atoms, arranging atoms into molecules and molecules into objects; a universe in which gravitational interactions are responsible for the creation of stars and planet and for organizing celestial bodies into celestial systems;

I envision a world that views matter as self-organizing, governed by the fundamental laws of chemistry, a world that accepts the conservation of mass and energy precludes the possibility of creating something from nothing or reducing something to absolutely nothing; a world that accepts atoms and molecules form bonds and break bonds dependent on the configuration of their electrons; a world that accepts molecules respond to external forces such as heat, pressure, electrical and magnetic forces;

I hope for a world that views life as a self-organizing system for every organism form the microscopic to the macroscopic is motivated by the intrinsic desire to survive, thrive and reproduce; a world that appreciates every habitat is a fully integrated collection of individual organisms, each struggling to survive and replicate their genes, and those who succeed help shape their small section of the world, their home range;

I dream of a world that accepts the premise that life, reality and the universe are self-organizing, a world that recognizes life, reality and the universe begin with one element, add another, then another, and another, and so on and so forth until there exists something greater than the parts; a world that recognizes some things take a day to produce, some things take a year to create, some things take a century, others take a millennia, and some take several million or billion years to create; but however long it takes, it organizes from within - it creates itself;



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