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Meditation 1326
Dreaming of - - serving humanity

by: Gordon Barthel

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I dream of a community dedicated to serving humankind, not a community dedicated to serving the great and glorious immortals (for they can theoretically take care of themselves), but a community devoted to serving humanity, those who are sick and wounded, those who are hungry and homeless, those who are ignored and forgotten by the movers and shakers.

I dream of a community  devoted to serving humanity, not a community devoted to serving the eternally absent almighty, but a community that appreciates humanity is only as strong as its weakest members, a community that admits we are only as healthy as our hungriest citizens, we are only as wealthy as our poorest people, we are only as literate as our most illiterate individuals, we are only as powerful as our most vulnerable citizens, we are only as prosperous as our most impoverished people, we are only as wise as our most foolish imbeciles, we are only as successful as our most defeated neighbours, we are only as virtuous as the evilest among us.

I dream of a religion that serves humanity, not a religion dedicated to worshipping anything greater than ourselves, but a religion dedicated to ensuring every human has the basic necessities, our fundamental physical needs (food, water, clothing, shelter and healthcare) and our basic psychological needs (to love and be loved, education and participation).


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