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Meditation 1335
Blind Belief

by: Robert F vonBriesen

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Personal Opinion of Robert F vonBriesen

Much has been written and published on this site regarding the nature of belief, lack of belief and the distortion of religious theology to suit the needs of sub-groups.  The emphasis has been on the variations of Christianity since that is what we most frequently encounter in our Western society.  However; as we are becoming painfully aware, that is gradually changing.

While I still consider Evangelistic Christianity and other extreme expressions of the religion to be a barrier to those who are interested in a secular approach to the study of religious history, there is a greater evil  whose power is growing each day.  Most modern ‘Biblical Scholars’ started out with a belief in orthodox Judaism or Christianity and then changed their opinions as they learned more about the history of their religions.  The controversies that existed in the early days of Christianity reveal that there was never a clear, absolutely correct interpretation of the alleged teachings of Jesus.  As a result, modern Christianity is more of a ‘social’ movement than a religious one. The growth of Unitarian-Universalists, Unity, Centers for Spiritual Study and other semi New-Age groups reveals that people are more interested in the community that is created by religious groups rather than a strict adherence to religious dogma.

If we can set aside the Amish, Mennonites, Moravians and other groups that practice religion as a life-style and, for the most part, one is born into and does not join as an adult, it becomes obvious that moderate Christianity is not a threat to anyone.  This does not mean that I consider the above mentioned groups as a ‘threat’; it merely means that they are not mainstream Christianity that we encounter on a daily basis.

I am sure you realize, if you have been paying attention to the News, that the growing Evil to which I refer is Islam.  What disturbs me about this are the political leaders and celebrities of the West who continue to express the concept that the Muslim “religion” is one of peace and tolerance and has nothing to do with ‘Radical Islam’.  That opinion reveals total ignorance of the Sacred Books of Islam and the actual origins of this belief system.

I will not quote from any of the books of Islam which are:

The most important of these, the Quran, is considered to be ‘perfect’ and cannot be changed or reinterpreted.  Anyone who criticizes or disagrees with it’s teachings may be put to death.  It’s official written form is an Ancient Arabic which only clerics have been trained to understand. Therefore, the rest of the world must depend on the clerics for a ‘true’ understanding of the Quran.

The Quran is not arranged in any logical order, definitely not in a chronological one. When the various teachings are arranged in a chronological order, they fall into two groups: the Mecca period and the Medina period.  When Mohammed dictated his teachings (he did not write them himself as he was illiterate) in Mecca, his movement was a small minority group with no power so he emphasized tolerance and living in peace with non-believers (Kafirs).

When his group grew large enough to attract attention, he was expelled from Mecca and went to Medina.  Medina was populated by several peaceful Hebrew tribes as well as non-aggressive Arab tribes. Mohammed then changed his tactics and taught that non-believers should not be tolerated. This is when he began his campaign of Jihad.  Within a few years, the forces of Mohammed had killed of subjugated all Kafirs in the region and the forms of Islam that still exists today emerged.  The pattern was conquer a tribe, then give the individuals the choice of submitting to Islam or being put to a tortuous death. Once a person submitted, his life was no longer his own; he or she must dedicate their lives to the service of Allah.

Of the writing of that period, 60% have to do with killing and/or subjugating Kafirs. This is where the concept that if a Muslim kills non-believers and then is killed while proclaiming the greatness of Allah (Allaha Ackbar) he/she will go directly to the Seventh Level of Paradise and enjoy pleasures beyond comprehension.  Thus suicide killings are justified and encouraged.

There are many  other teachings regarding the killing or subjugation of Kafirs. A good quick-read for a basic understanding would be  ‘The Story of Mohammed’ by Harry Richardson and ‘A Two-Hour Koran’
Compiled by Bill Warner – or anything, book or video by Robert Spencer. (JihadWatch.org)

What does the Muslim religion have to do with Islam and why do people like President Obama, John Kerry  and the Pope claim that Muslims are not part of Islam?  The term ‘Islam’ means ‘to submit’,  ‘Muslim’ means ‘one who has submitted.   It is like saying that this country is the United States of America and those who are citizens are ‘Americans’ – rather than UnitedStatesians.  In other words, there is no separation between Muslim and Islamist.  Obama, Kerry and the Pope are either liars or very ignorant.

Is ‘Jihad’ just a term that applies to the extremistic, radical element of Muslims?  Absolutely not. The Quran teaches that ALL Muslims have a duty to promote Jihad, either by active participative or by passive approval and support.  To speak out against Jihad or to reveal to the Kafir authorities those who are planning an attack would be treason to Islam – punishable by death.  So when Donald Trump states that we must expect the ‘moderate’ Muslim community to tell the police when they see something wrong is another example of ignorance on the part of a potential leader.

The difficulty that westerners, especially Christians, Agnostics and Atheists, have in understanding Islam is the belief that they think like we do and can be convinced that their beliefs are wrong based on a logical, rational argument.   Christian children go to Sunday School and learn Bible stories and memorize Bible verses; Muslim children go to ‘Madrasas’ where they are indoctrinated by very strict teachings about submitting to Allah and studying only the Islamic books.  By the time a child completes his/her Muslim education, they no longer understand that it is wrong to kill someone because their religious views are different from what you have been taught.  Killing Kafirs is an obligation and an honor.  

The Islamists now see a great opportunity to advance their distorted, perverted concept of Allah in the Western world. The weakness and submission of the political leaders enables them to rapidly advance into Western countries where they can get the population to apologize for offending their Muslim sensitivities.  For now, they are focusing on LGBT types, next will be Agnostics and Atheists, then any and all Kafirs will be given the choice to submit or die.

The time to stand up and resist is NOW. Waiting for governments to recognize the threat and take defensive action may be too late – if it ever happens at all.



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