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Meditation 1343
Snake oil, charlatans, and American idiocy

by: Manny

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Well gang, we're not even a month into the term of President (gag!) Trump, and boy, are the people who voted this imbecile into office getting what they deserve. Sadly, they are dragging the rest of us down in the bargain.

I recently started reading "Idiot America" by Charles Pierce, and while illuminating, it's depressing. True experts on every topic are being replaced by bullies with the bully pulpit (see also "Talk Radio" and "The Faux News Channel," the home of more spin than a Maytag washer.) Education is devalued, while popular entertainment is being used as a mechanism to keep the populace ignorant and distracted.

It's no wonder that these idiots believe there is a man (male and white, naturally) in the sky who made everything, is all powerful, and has nothing better to do on Sundays than grant victory to whichever team prays to him most fervently.

Given the state of things these last five weeks, do we need any further evidence that, if there is a god, he doesn't give a rat's ass about the world he is alleged to have created?



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