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Meditation 1350
The neverending cycle of religion and delusion

by: John Tyrrell

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A couple of years ago I felt it necessary to explain why I was publishing Talk Back 132, so in an introductory comment I wrote "it is useful to remind everyone occasionally of the craziness that is out there, bubbling beneath the surface. " In any event, the July 2015 threat of only a few months left to get ready for The End proved to be as empty a threat as all End Times predictions turn out to be. Regardless of his failure in this prophecy, Richard Thorne still carries on his god-given mission to warn us all of the coming End Times.

Talk Back 142 is from someone who seems to me just as delusional, selected by Jesus as his bride and with her own message from God.

She reminds me in some ways of Pauline Davis*, The Peace Lady, written about in Meditations 107 and 109 and the ensuing discussions.

All three of these individuals, with their delusions, seem strongly influenced by the Book of Revelation. I wonder if they would be so deluded without the Book of Revelation - without the religion based in part on Revelation. Would they be leading normal lives without religion? Or would their delusions simply take another direction.

But if we think religion brought about their delusions, where did religion come from. Arguably, religion arose out of delusions. In some ways, the Book of Revelation seems to have been written in a psychedelic state - perhaps brought on by Amanita muscaria. The messages and visions from God and angels given to various prophets who founded various religions, sects and cults seem to me to be all no more than delusions.

Delusion breeds religion. Religion breeds delusion. Those new delusions breed more religions. And there is no end.


* I see by her website that Miss Davis died in April this year. Other than that notice, the previous content of the site is not accessible.

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