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Meditation 1355
In spite of the eclipse, stupidity still shone through.

by: John Tyrrell

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For a few hours last Monday, America seemed able to put aside its divisions, whether they be political, religious, financial, colour, or class. Nearly everyone was fascinated by the solar eclipse as the moon's shadow made its way across the country, west to east.

But not everyone. The lunatic Christian religious fringe just had to find a way to make political-religious points. And to show their complete and utter ignorance, not only of basic science, but also incredibly of the religion they pretend to preach. Because it is more important for them to attempt to score points in promoting their personal prejudices than to attempt to hold on to a religious consistency.

Let's start with Jim Bakker, convicted of fraud in the past and currently making a living out of selling survival food packages to suckers.*

In any event, Bakker's lips are firmly pressed to President Trump's ass. Trump can do no wrong. Protestors against Trump are "demon-possessed." Those mocking Trump display "the spirit of Antichrist."

So what did Bakker make of the solar eclipse?

“God came to me in a dream and said I should tell the world that I am plunging the world into darkness to remind people I’m still mad at the Obama years.”

Right - God couldn't indicate his anger while Obama was President, he had to hold it back until Trump was inflicted on America. Is Bakker's god extremely stupid? Or is it Bakker?

Bakker seems unaware that this eclipse and its path was predicted years before there was any thought that Obama would become President. And accurate prediction of eclipses is nothing new. The ancient Babylonians and the Chinese were able to do it 4,500 years ago.

If, as Bakker as a creationist believes, God set the sun and the moon in their paths at creation, then it does not makes sense that he caused the eclipse because he is mad at Obama.

In fact, the only way to makes sense out of a claim that the eclipse came to pass because God was mad at Obama is to suggest that without Obama, there would have been no eclipse. Or with anyone else as US President there would have been no eclipse. And as the sun and the moon were already in their paths, then the only way for there not to be an eclipse - which depends on visibility from Earth - would be for Earth to no longer exist. Presumably due to the actions of an alternate President.

Thanks Obama - you saved the world.

But Bakker was not the only dimwit out there.

Bryan Fisher suggested that the eclipse was "a sign, of the work of the Prince of Darkness in obscuring the light of God’s truth.”

Nice symbolism I suppose, but again - who according to Fischer's theology set in place the paths of the sun, moon and earth? So, if no orbits changed, how did Satan get the moon to predictably block the sun's light?

Also blaming Satan was a Roman Catholic priest, Richard Heilman.

"I find it interesting that the darkness of this Great American Eclipse is cutting right through the center of our country. Could it be emblematic of the division Satan is causing during these final days of his unbinding?"

What utter nonsense. Particularly as solar eclipses whose paths cut right through the USA occur again in seven and twenty-eight years. Not to mention all the eclipses scheduled for other parts of the world over the next half century.

And going back to the idea of God using the eclipse to send a message we have Billy Graham's homophobic daughter, Evangelist Annie Graham Lotz, who vaguely claimed:

“It does seem that God is signaling us about something. Time will tell what that something is.”

Well, at least she is not saying that it's a sign God is pissed at Obama. She just does not know. She'll probably invent a message later. With her past record, it will be something nasty about the LGBT community.

I'll tell her what the message was -- if it really was a sign from some kind of creator god, it's a sign that the universe continues to tick along, just as it is expected to do. The laws of physics still rule.


* Essentially, Bakker's marketing pitch seems to be aimed at those who believe End Times are coming, but who think they are not going to be among the Raptured, so they'll need overpriced tasteless food packages to survive. AKA suckers.


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