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Meditation 1356
Fundamentally Liars

by: John Tyrrell

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Yesterday, the following three Patheos posts* came up in my Facebook news feed within a dozen posts overall.

You can see the common theme** - dishonesty amongst fundamentalist Christians. If you are a fundamentalist Christian reading this, you might think - just another set of hatchet jobs by non-believers. But you'd be wrong. Two of the three articles were written by practicing Christians.

I would never say all Christians are liars. They are not - well generally not more so than those of us who are not Christians.

But, fundamentalists are liars. Everyone of them is a liar on matters of faith. And we can start with the fact there is nothing fundamental about fundamentalist Christianity except that it is fundamentally wrong. Fundamentalist Christianity is nothing at all like the religion practiced by the original Christians, let alone like the teachings of Jesus.

Fundamentalist Christianity is not "Back to the Bible." It is not "back to the teachings of Jesus." It is not "Back to early Christianity." It is not "that old time religion" It is a relatively recent bastard faith born out of ignorance of reality and devoted to maintaining that ignorance.

Fundamentalists lie. They lie to us. They lie to each other. And they lie to themselves. Even other Christians think so.


* You'll note they are not recent articles - Patheos has a practice of regurgitating articles which generate a lot of comments; I suspect so as to game Facebook's popularity algorithms.

** I'm not sure that this was deliberate. Patheos, while open to a range of views, has a predominantly Christian slant on things.

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