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Meditation 1368
Mocking the "Prophet"

by: JT

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The astonishing claim appeared in my Facebook news feed that Robin Bullock, a so-called Christian prophet, has said that God has given him the ability to hear everything you say when you mock him. And presumably everything I say when I mock him. So I'll be sure to read this aloud once I've finished writing it.

Now I've never heard of this asshat before, but apparently he's finding the prophet business profitable having accumulated a fortune estimated at $42 million. And that in spite of the fact his record of prophecy is a record of abject failure. [That link is from a Christian website.]

Well the clown ignores a lot of his failures in prophecy by claiming that Biden is not really President - so that somehow makes his predictions about the last US election true. And the gullible still send in their money. Maybe they are paying for the entertainment value of a preacher who dresses like a B-movie version of a Satanist.

It seems to me that the ability to hear every word of mockery addressed to oneself isn't exactly what I'd consider a gift from any god. It seems more like a punishment. Perhaps he's a masochist into public humiliation. Maybe sph is a turn-on for Bullock too.

But what's going to happen to those of us who choose to mock Robin Bullock, hoping he will actually be able to hear every word, yet knowing he won't?

According to the profit-minded prophet, we are going to be driven insane by his god, because it's "a dangerous thing to mock the mouthpiece of God."

What kind of arrogant dickwad calls himself "the mouthpiece of God"?

I guess he considers himself the heir to Elisha, but there are not enough bears out there to tear to pieces those of us who mock Robin Bullock. So, insanity it is for our punishment. If his god exists. And it does not.


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