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Meditation 1401
A last word

by: John Tyrrell

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I've had two months to reconsider my retirement from producing more articles for this site, and the decision stands.

Should others choose to keep things active by providing new articles, or by commenting on existing articles, I'll be happy to keep the site going. But I don't expect it. There has been a drop off in the number of contributors over recent years which probably reflects a drop off in readership. Perhaps this shows that this site is no longer serving its purpose. Time to leave the field to others to continue to promote agnosticism in their own way. This site happened to be my way of doing it.

I'll just remind you that back in 2013, Pope Benedict XVI chose to criticize agnosticism, referring to "today's regnant agnosticism."

There - Pope Benedict gave me my last words: "Agnosticism rules."


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