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A Drive-By Poster

from Sphere

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I'm sort of a drive-by poster to your site. While I do have sympathy with the Apathetic Agnostic stance, I do not consider myself any of Theist, Deist, Atheist, or Agnostic -- as I reject the frame of reference posited by the Theists.

I have no interest in the question of God's existence at all -- but I am very interested in the idea of One God.

The idea of One God is a schoolyard bully who cannot play well with others. It is basic to the idea of One God that all other notions of divinity must be destroyed, frequently by killing the people who hold those other notions of divinity. The One God idea is Evil.

One does not consider the referent of a bad idea. One drops the bad idea and forgets about it. Thus, the correct answer to the question "Does God exist?" is: "Get that Evil idea away from me."


No essence. No permanence. No perfection.


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