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A Miscellany 5
Faulty Religious Myths cannot take us far.

from Unes Gollestani

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I have created a web site which analyzes Religious Myths. I wish to persuade you to have a look at my web site. I think you will find new ideas about the foundations of the established religions. The following is from the home page of my site:

Myths are the stories which are created by the ancient man's wisdom:

Since the ancient man's knowledge of his environments was very limited; then most of the ancient religious myths are faulty and wrong.

Unfortunately our great established religions have based their theologies on those ancient religious myths, and they have mistakenly assumed myths as FACTS. Because of this, our religions are at odds with our scientific findings.

We need to free our religions from those faulty ancient myths. Those faulty religious myths are HAMPERING the meanings of our own profound experiences of God.

The believers in the established religions are totally satisfied and content with those faulty religious myths, and they do not want to hear any dissenting views. This is similar to be in very loving and nurturing partnership, until one partner is caught lying, and then everything loses its meanings. Of course one could always choose to have blind eyes on the Facts. Then everything it seems alright!

Fundamentally, we are fooling ourselves basing our Faith on FAULTY myths.

Faulty Religious Myths can not take us far.

If we LOVE the Truth, then we have to be HONEST, and yield to facts without any reservation.

The Truth Shall Make You Free! website contains