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A Miscellany 38
Political correctness gone mad?

by Phil van Bergen

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We in the UK were under orders today (14 July, 2005) to hold 2 minute's silence at 12:00 in tribute to the bomb victims.

I wonder who came up with that one. Again, it debases the currency. These people were not heroes, they didn't lay down their lives for a greater cause, they were not great humanitarians. They happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time - tragic yes, but not worthy of a ritual we reserve for the millions killed fighting for our freedom in both world wars.

I, for one, went about my normal business rather than pandering to a mawkish sentimentality which is grossly misplaced and led by the Nanny State being created by Tony Blair.

200 odd died in a train crash in Pakistan yesterday. 24 kids were killed in Baghdad. Perhaps we should have a minute's silence on a daily basis. I knew each of the above victims as well as I knew any of the London bombing victims - i.e. not at all.

Political correctness gone mad?