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A Miscellany 50
Tragedy and Questioning of Faith

by syrinxfox

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I wanted to share with everyone an article that was in the Virginia Pilot on Thursday regarding Hurricane Katrina: by associated press

"You're supposed to be a loving God"

NEW ORLEANS- Set down on dry land for the first time in three days, 83-year-old Camille Fletcher stumbled a few feet to a brick wall and collapsed. She and two of her children had made it through Hurricane Katrina alive, but her Glandalyn with the long black, beautiful hair was gone.

"My precious daughter", she sobbed Wednesday. "I prayed to God to keep us safe in his loving care"

Then, looking into an incongruously blue sky she whimpered: "You're supposed to be a loving God. You're supposed to love us. And what have you done to us? Why did you do this to us?"

But for the rescuers rushing to pluck Fletcher and untold others from roofs, balconies and highways flooded by Hurricane Katrina, such was a luxury they simply could not afford.