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A Miscellany 90
Blogging the Bible

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There's a pretty interesting series in Slate right now called Blogging the Bible. David Plotz, deputy editor of the online magazine is working his way through the Old Testament and commenting on his impressions of each chapter.

He writes:

My goal is pretty simple. I want to find out what happens when an ignorant person actually reads the book on which his religion is based. I think I'm in the same position as many other lazy but faithful people (Christians, Jews, Muslims, Hindus). I love Judaism; I love (most of) the lessons it has taught me about how to live in the world; and yet I realized I am fundamentally ignorant about its foundation, its essential document. So, what will happen if I approach my Bible empty, unmediated by teachers or rabbis or parents? What will delight and horrify me? How will the Bible relate to the religion I practice, and the lessons I thought I learned in synagogue and Hebrew School?

In the first two weeks, he's shown some good insights into Genesis - both pro and con; and he incorporates selected reader feedback on his comments as he goes along.

You'll find the first article in the series at Blogging the Bible, then follow on from there. I do recommend it.