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A Miscellany 97
Too Much Christian Bashing

by Rev. Matthew M. Murray

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I have to confess that I am bothered by the amount of anti-Christian rhetoric espoused on this website. Though I'm totally in favor of self-defense and thusly being prepared for attacks that may come one's way, it seems odd that an organization (or non-organization, as the case may be) would spend so much time attacking this precise belief structure.

One could reasonably argue that it is petty to go after this particular messianic religion as opposed to, say, Buddhism, some sects of which are at least as messianic as Christianity. It smacks of immaturity and reactionism (a potentially made-up word).

I am fully aware that, at least in the west, fundamentalist Christianity (in various forms) is the main source of frustration in this regard, but this is my request that we not sink to their level as far as picking on groups that think differently. After all, there is the danger of us taking ourselves too seriously, and becoming much like that which we dislike about those we disagree with. Beyond that, though, I am very happy to be an Apathetic Agnostic. Personally accepting this about myself caused a catharsis at least equal to that which can be called a religious experience, if not more so.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, if only to dismiss it.