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A Miscellany 103
First Time Visitor

by Gae Weber

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I am a first-time visitor to your site, which I think is quite wonderful. I look forward to looking through the Meditations. I ended up here by the good grace of Google when I was looking for The Happy Heretic. By coincidence I was going to say exactly what you did about her "there's no such thing as an agnostic" argument. Semantics, but important ones.

What brought on this communication, though, was the Calendar. It seems to me that that great puncturer of piffle, H. L. Mencken, deserves a day to be appreciated, celebrated and re-incorporated into the public discourse. He is every bit as funny and biting as Twain and Bierce and just as influential in his day. It is a pity he is not more widely read today.

Also -- you folks should have a T-shirt. Or a calendar. Or a coffee mug.

Happy Trails