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A Miscellany 113
I'm not sure

by Rennette Williams

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I define my world through the prism of my perception
My truth grinds and shapes the lenses of my reflections
My light goes forth and colours all omnipotently
Life s moulded light returns is absorbed is my reality

Is truth truth when a mind is distorted
Is commerce commerce when slaves are transported
Is killing killing when the enemy is savage
Is love love when influenced by baggage

Is the abused evil when he carries on abusing
Is greed desperate when partners are suing
Is poverty relative cause I dont have a boat
Is pain severe cause I have a sore throat

Does anger destroy or create
Does passion cause love or hate

Is the value of money the same as a turd
For the cronically constipated that's absurd

The humour you show is it really an ache
The mask you wear your integrity forsake My God; is He my wanting Him to exist
Does Jesus our hearts minds and souls transfix

My mourning        is it for you or for me
My birth-joy        does it imprison or free
My look at my dying        is it really at my living
My hope for immortality denial of my sinning


I'M        NOT        SURE