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A Miscellany 126
Donate a book for review

A discussion has been opened on this Article. To contribute your own thoughts to this exchange of views, please use the Contact form.

I would like to start publishing more book reviews here; relevant in some way to the web site. I started this week with a review of Richard Dawkins' The God Delusion. I will be continuing over the next several weeks with:

I expect the latter two books will be reviewed much more positively.

Given the cost I incurred in buying these books, I have decided that I will slightly modify my "no donations" policy, and I will accept relevant books for review. No cash please; cash will be spent on single malts, not books. (Unfortunately, postal regulations do not allow you to send me a single malt for review.)

If you see a book[1] you think I should read and review on the site, contact me and let me know the title and author. This way we can avoid needless expenditures on duplications and on books I have no intention of reading, let alone reviewing (e.g. The Nine People You Will Meet In Purgatory.) If I agree with your choice, you may send me the book directly, or have it sent to me prepaid from an online bookstore such as Amazon or B&N. Any book sent will be considered a gift, not a loan.

If anyone has the contacts to get me on one or more publisher's distribution list for free review books, please do so.

Please - no self-published works and no books which require a post-graduate philosophy degree to understand. Authors of relevant self-published works (hard copy or online) may send me a blurb to be considered for publication in the A Miscellany section.

If there is a book you think should be reviewed here, but have no intention of paying for a copy for me to read, that's OK. Just send in your own review. Written contributions from others are always welcome.


  1. CDs and DVDs might also be considered, but they must be highly relevant. I would prefer the potential donor do the reviewing as I am not at all confident that I can fairly assess music or film.