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A Miscellany 129
A Message Exchange

by David Irvin

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A woman recently sent me messages via MySpace to try to convert me back to Christianity, after I had recently stated that I am a Apathetic Agnostic.

At the time of this messaging my header read, “Take the Christ back out of Christmas!”

Woman: Just by reading you're profile header, I can tell that you have serious issues. Christ is the reason we have Christmas, you moron!! I suggest you get some help now, while you're still young!

Me: No actually the original celebration style of Christmas was a roman holiday called Saturnalia and 25 December was originally Dies Natlis Solis Invicti which was declared by the Emperor Aurelian in the 250's CE. And Solis Invicti was dropped by Emperor Constantine when he made Christianity legal so as to gain more power. And really what’s the worst that can happen. I know from other research that I’ve already done is that I get placed into Limbo after death if there is indeed and afterlife and my favorite writers Virgil and Ovid will be there so there's no real downside.

Woman: I think you need to quit reading "research" and pick up the oldest and most important history book called "The Holy Bible". Then maybe you will find the real and true answers to the questions that are filling that twisted brain of yours.

Me: The “Holy” Bible is not the oldest book in history. In fact it wasn’t even put together until the 4th Century CE. And Virgil’s Aeneid was written in the 1st Century BCE. I also consider this more important than the Bible because it gave Augustus the grounds to make the Roman Empire .

She has never replied to this statement. Whether she thinks I am a lost cause or has recognized defeat by my logic I don’t know. I can only hope that one day she will abandon her illogic and be come logical like the people here.