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A Miscellany 134
In the Name of Towelie!

by A Towelian

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You guys are FANTASTIC!

In fact, your entire organization reminds me of MY OWN organization that I started a year ago... which is very eerie...!

In the Name of Towelie![1]

That's our website. We're "Towelian", taking after South Park's character "Towelie" who we have randomly declared as our God. We're actually apostates of Islam and most of us are agnostic.

I read through your site and I was whoop whooping and cartwheeling in my mind as I delightfully tasted your sense of humor coupled with philosophic ideals... It truly is eerily like our own organization!

I would be thrilled to have our sites exchange links etc. Of course our website is only just getting started, but we already have roughly about 50 members with almost 20 actively participating and writing articles, spreading the "good word" etc.

We are exclusive to being apostates of Islam only, but some of the articles we write are universally applicable to all three Abrahamic religions. What we need is some advice and guidance on how to improve our site, get our name "out there" etc. Maybe we can help each other out?

It's more than a breath of fresh air to meet people who think exactly the same way... it's like looking at yourself in the mirror as you masturbate... hmm... scratch that thought.

moving on...

Hope to hear from you soon!


  1. Unfortunately this website (or blog) no longer exists. I suspect it reflects the difficulties encountered those who take a chance on going public with being "apostates of Islam."