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A Miscellany 157
The Tree

by Rev. Leah Gary, MAS

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The Tree

It all started with a tree
And someone said, "hey look at me."
Then they fell down from the top
Hitting every branch before they could stop.
Then they formed a religion
And started sacrificing things.
Then they got opinions
And got new denominations like wings.
Then they saw winged people
And someone said, one arrow will take em down.
Then they fell even harder
Hitting every thing before they hit the ground.
Then this formed a culture, a religion,
Founded a town.
They started ruling out of greed and power
And they forgot where wisdom could be found.
Because we're really just a leaf
On tree someone planted long ago
And some idiot had to climb
Only to fall as many have fell instead
of waiting for the winds of change to blow.

Copyright 2007, L. Gary