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A Miscellany 174
Uhhh... thanks? And may the Force be with you too.

by: Richard

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Something that strikes me as decidedly odd: Why do religious people very often see the need to bless those that obviously are not of their religion?

Take Talk Back 87 for instance, or just about any religious discussion on the net, there's often a fundie doing just that.

  1. Do they even have the authority to demand that their deity bless someone?

  2. What's the point? Is it some kind of forcing just a little religion down someone's throat even if they don't want to accept it? It doesn't really sound like a benediction...

  3. And why is it so often in all caps?

  4. And why, if you return the favor, and bless them out of some other religion or whatever, do they get so very offended?