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A Miscellany 179
Selling Souls

by: Greg

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Since the UCTAA does not believe in the soul,[1] perhaps this could be a revenue generator for the members.



Found on CNN.com ( the CNN link provided appears to have expired, but the story is here.)

Man sells his soul in Internet auction

AUCKLAND, New Zealand (AP) -- A New Zealand man has put his soul up for auction to the highest bidder, noting that is "a merry old soul" rather than a "funk soul brother" but that he would "would like to think there is a bit of funk in there somewhere."

Walter Scott, 24, put his soul up for sale on New Zealand Internet auction site TradeMe, and so far has received more than 100 expressions of interest.

The auction closes at 12:00 p.m. Thursday local time (0000 Thursday GMT), and bids so far had reached US$189 (NZ$$250).

Advice from a lawyer was that the winning bidder would not be entitled to anything but Scott's soul and would not be able to own or control him in any way, he said.

Scott said the successful bidder will receive a framed deed of "soul ownership."


  1. I (JT) personally disbelieve in the soul. The UCTAA takes no position on the soul, and a number our members have at times indicated varying degrees of belief. I question the morality of selling something I don't believe exists. I suppose I could sell the rights to ownership of my soul.