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A Miscellany 186

by: Hilde Hanson

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When I first started visiting this site, it was a bit of a lark. After all why would you need a Church, if you are an Apathetic Agnostic. (or should it be an Agnost ?) I joined the UCTAA Church and had a bit of fun watching it grow and expand.

Than my husband and I moved to new community and left all of our humanist friends behind.

We now live in an area where religion is a bit overwhelming and believe it or not, I need you guys.

I stop by here more and more often, just to find a bit of sanity.

I was accustomed to having a lot of friends, and people stopping in at my house all the time.

Now my only contact is by email or phone with my old friends. Every time I think I have met someone pleasant enough to want to get to know them, the next thing I know they are trying to convert me to whatever they happen to be praying to.

Guess I must be putting out those needy vibrations. Sorry, I meant humans I long to know, not their various deities.

So I keep coming here more and more often. I would be in favor of starting a support group for displaced persons like myself. There might be other lost humans around here but since you have to be afraid to mention not being religious , how do you ever meet them.

There is a question that has bothered me a lot lately. Why is it that Christianity is equated with goodness and Agnosticism, Atheism and Humanism are equated to evil.

Does no one look around in the world with open eyes ? Just who is causing all the wars and the horrors? I don't see any of us go out and bomb anything or anyone.

I am quite convinced that this planet could be a wonderful place if everyone suddenly had total amnesia from anything religious they every heard On the other hand, I could just become a good little conformist and start praying to something.

I don't remember where I read it recently but it was about someone preferring to pray to the moon.

His reasoning made sense to me: "at least you can see the moon, you know it exists and praying to it is just as likely to get answered than praying to a God. both results are about 50 percent"

I liked that, so perhaps next time someone asks me about my religious affiliation, I will cheerfully say: "I'm a child of the MOON"

Ah well, I know it won't do , it's still the wrong religion O:-) I am a bit sad today.

Love to all