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A Miscellany 197
The lie has been passed on and on and on

by: Jason

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Your site is very refreshing.  Being a recent agnostic convert has been very tough. 

I (like many others) was raised in the Pentecostal church and I am surrounded by "on fire" family members.  I have been cast out and looked down on for using my mind.  I was raised my entire life in the church.  My parents have always been either youth pastors or some higher authority in the church.  I too accepted the way I was raised.  Why would I think my parents lied to me?  Because the lie has been passed on and on and on.  It's not their fault. 

I accepted Christianity and Jesus Christ until my son was born (I was 27).  I started questioning "how should I raise my son?"  How did I know I was raising him the right way.  There are so many religions in the world.  How do I know I'm raising my son in the right one? 

I have been struggling with this issue of religion for 3 years now.  Not having an answer to my questions has been driving me mad.  I sat down and started the bible over from page one and began questioning.  I did not even get past Noah before I closed the book and made the decision that man made religion. 

Now, I do believe that a higher power can be proven through philosophy and rational thought.  But I cannot be ruled anymore by the poison we call religion.  Anyway, I was very happy to find your site and see that there are many more like me.  It is comforting in a world of hateful and judgemental Christians.