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A Miscellany 217
"The Gospel Truth - A Reality Check."

by: Harry Tomlin

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Today I discovered your site and was pleased to know there are many others who share my philosophy. I have recently had a book published that I titled, "The Gospel Truth - A Reality Check." The book is a search for truth in the Bible and, needless to say, I found very little.

Most Americans, Europeans and many from other nations, use the Bible as a justification for their religious beliefs. How so many can accept the impossible events, blatant lies and superstitious nonsense of that old book, was the question I was trying to answer in my book. I concluded that religious brainwashing was the most probable answer. My research indicated that many publicly declare their religious belief only because to deny any religious connection would hurt them socially and professionally.

I enjoyed reading the articles posted on this site. Perhaps others who visit here would be interested in reading my book. You can learn more about it at:

"The Gospel Truth - A Reality Check."
ISBN:  9781606935163  /  SKU:  160693516X