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A Miscellany 224
Redesign in progress

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After a number of false starts over the past couple of years, I'm finally working on a site redesign.

My aim is to lighten up, open up, simplify, and facilitate future changes.

To "lighten up", I'm getting rid of the predominantly black headers. The new headers will also take up less space on the page.

To open up, I'm using a larger font, and more white space between lines. This should make this text-heavy site easier to read.

In terms of simplifying, I'm reducing the left hand menus in the Essays section to essentially a previous article, next article, and a link to the discussion, if any. I doubt anyone was using the block of 20 or more article links I was providing.

And in terms of facilitating future changes - I'm finally using external style sheets instead of burying all the formatting in each page - this should speed up page load times also. In time, I intend to incorporate a separate print style sheet (which will mean only the article goes to the printer - no header, footer or sidebar) and as a lower priority - a style sheet for handhelds (though I'm not convinced there is a need.)

Over the coming months the sections of the site still in the old format will gradually be converted. (Unfortunately, it's a page by page exercise)

I'm still tweaking the design - and I would appreciate any comments / suggestions so I can incorporate needed changes.