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A Miscellany 226
In whom do you trust?

by: JT

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Somewhere along the way in my recent travels through the US, I picked up a 1905 "Indian Head"[1] penny in change. I don't think I've seen one before, and certainly not in circulation.

1905 penny - face1905 cent - back







It's not in the desirable very good condition, but still probably worth about $0.50 or so to a collector - a nice potential profit on something I valued at one cent. But profit is not the reason I mention this particular coin here.

Take a close look. There are four words which do not appear - four words which have been on 1 cent coins since the first Lincoln penny in 1909. We are used to seeing those four little words on all American currency, but in fact, they have only been there consistently since 1966 when they were added to the $50 & $100 bills.

Whether we trust currency or not has nothing to do with God, rather it is our trust in the issuing agency.


  1. It's actually not the head of an Indian on the coin, but the head of Liberty wearing a feathered headdress.