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A Miscellany 260
Why the conversions and the need to spread the Gospel?

by: Angela Alvares
Angela's YouTube Channel

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It seems to me that religion was invented for the middle class to keep them in line. The very poor and very rich don't seem to have a fear of God. I'm a Christian who is finding it very hard to believe that Jesus is the only way, as I live among millions of Hindus. If God is everywhere, then He is in these Hindus.. will He put Himself into hell for not worshipping His son Jesus Christ? That seems silly. So, why the conversions and the need to spread the Gospel?

Different religions are different ways to worship the Creator of our Universe. I know that some superior intelligence is out there who has organized everything, for it all to be so perfect. Just the fact that someone has to plan a house and then build it... a house doesn't appear by itself... so the day and night and the moon and sun appearing at such perfect times… there is so much certainty in the blooming of a flower in the growing of a tree , etc. etc. The unhappiness occurs because people are not into learning things but only acquiring things. If one follows a proper diet and exercises regularly, one's mind and body remain in good condition...do not become diseased...then it is possible to be happy if one is always learning new things, be it playing the piano, or collecting stamps, or finding out the history of a place or studying a tribe or religion... there is an infinite amount to learn and grow in one's mind if that mind is nurtured with proper diet and positive thinking and therefore it is possible to be infinitely happy.

It is important to give thanks for what one has and to ask for guidance when entering unknown territories from the superior intelligence (God) who conceptualised our Universe but since the advent of the internet I find my days are too short as there is so much to watch and learn from all the other minds that connect with me through the internet..in the sharing of music videos, jokes, dance programs, and clips of incredible human feats, etc. etc.

I'm 60 and am excited about life. I wouldn't be if I was born at the time of my parents. There was no internet then..only TV and the misery of watching endless ads repeating the same lie and very little choice of what could be called entertaining. We are living at a very special and exciting time of Human History. And that's what God or God in me would want… for us to be excited and happy about existing. As there are so many fields to enter into to study and get excited about so there are so many religions and theories to study about... All of Indian classical dance is based on Hindu religious deities and they are delightful to watch and if one is lucky exciting to learn.

We would have lost something extraordinary, if there was only Christianity, in the forms of art music and culture. Christians should let people worship in their own way and not try to convert. Hinduism in many ways makes more sense to me than Christianity... so I call my God 'The Creator of our Universe and worship Him under that title. That works for me.