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A Miscellany 278
Random thoughts on a very large stone

by: Jamie Ivy

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I came across a "proof of God's non-existence" known as the paradox of the stone.

In summary: If God is omnipotent then Zie (zie is a non-gendered pronoun) should be able to create a rock so large that Zie cannot lift it. (or something like that).

The Atheist response (the ones who laud and praise quantum mechanics and advanced mathematics):  If God can or cannot lift the rock then that is a limitation --> God is not omnipotent --> God does not exist.

The Christian response: ... well ... it really is as circular as any of their arguments.  Some redefine 'omnipotent' while others don't bother responding, and those are the more coherent responses I've read.

My Responses:

  1. Define this stone as the origin of a plane. No matter how it is moved it is never lifted because it cannot be displaced from the origin.

  2. A rock on earth's surface could easily be lifted by a man (say ... Jesus).  The same rock on the surface of a neutron star would be much harder to lift (Weight = Mass*Force)

  3. The mentioned rock is the only object in existence ... you get the point.

  4. 4) God = [God the Father (can lift), the son (can't lift), holy spirit (made of fire ... hell?)], but this depends on the God in question parsing Zirself into unequal parts.

Theists, a lack of non-proof is not a proof of non-lack. Besides, if only this 'proof' was considered, then I am divinity. There are a few thought experiments that seem more like riddles than actual proofs. The whole discussion seems more like a point-and-click in-browser game than anything real.

Wow, I totally feel like a troll. Maybe I am.