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A Miscellany 311
The "Truth" of the New Testament

by: JT

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A new book by Bart D. Ehrman, Forged, claims that at least 11 of the 27 books in the standard Christian New Testament are forgeries. Liars for Jesus (see previous article) is apparently not a new phenomenon. Here are two different news articles on Ehrman's book.

Bible writers intended to deceive, Ehrman says

Half of New Testament forged, Bible scholar says

On the same note, the Westar Institute (aka the Jesus Seminar) has been looking at the Book of Acts for ten years to determine how historically valid it is. They determine it is not. For example:

  • Jesus ascending to heaven? Fiction
  • Twelve (Male) Apostles? Fiction
  • Receiving the Spirit at Pentecost? Fiction
  • Preaching of Peter? Fiction
  • Conversion of Paul? Fiction
  • Journeys of Paul? Fiction

A Presbyterian minister blogs on this issue here:

What if the Acts of the Apostles is Fiction?