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A Miscellany 317
Dehler - Marcellino Debate

by: Will Petillo

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The following are some links to youtube videos of a debate that occurred recently near where I live. The formal topic was: "Can God be proven to exist"...though both participants switched it to "does God exist." The participants are Bernie Dehler, a former pastor and current atheist, and Dennis Marcellino, an author whose work has been discussed somewhat extensively on this website.*

The debate is roughly an hour long, much of which is questions from the audience about evolution from Christians. It is broken into 5 parts:

Part I - Part II - Part III

Part IV - Part V

I have my personal opinions about how the debate went and lots of comments in mind about things Bernie could have said, but for now I'll leave this up for discussion from you all. Any notes you have about debating the religious are welcome--especially as I may be speaking to Bernie personally in the near future at a Portland Meetup event.

-Cheers, Will


* Meditation 797 & discussion