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A Miscellany 332
Two Poems for Christians

by: Joy Willa Hatch

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My Christian friend thinks that because I am agnostic,
that I am going to hell;
And all I have to say in poetry is "Well. . .;
You are totally ignorant;
It must feel great that all of your money is spent. . .
To support a church who just wants your cash . . .;
even after your body has turned to ash.;
Praying is waste;
your decisions are made in haste."

To a Christian, I cannot relate;
Because I question, learn, grow and create.
If you want a stagnant existence;
Pursue Christianity with persistence.
For I want to grow as a person;
For my life to get better; not to worsen.
Christians are extremely stupid;
They are quite far from being cupids.