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A Miscellany 349
It is up to you

by: Joy Willa Hatch

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Enjoy and learn from the time that you're alive;
If you accept this lesson; you will thrive.
You don't have to travel to the corners of the Earth;
For you to gain much self-worth.
All that is important is to keep learning and growing;
That way, respect for one's existence, one will be showing.
You can be warm in your heart even when the temperature is freezing cold;
You just have to use your mind and be bold.
For, you can achieve much success;
Even when you feel as if your life is a mess.
Whether your journey is simple or quite energy-burning;
You much keep persisting and decide against adjourning.
Even when life weighs you down;
You can still achieve peace of mind in your city or small town.
In this world, for beauty, you must search;
You can find it in a grain of sand or in a tall birch.
For, you don't literally have to climb a mountain tall;
Your achievements are important; whether they be big or small.
Sometimes, it may seem like life buries you with troubles;
But, you must learn to appreciate the simple things; like floating bubbles.
Life is all a matter of perspective;
A person is the sum of his or her positive and negative experiences collective.
It doesn't matter where you live;
There is always a need for you to give.
Some people have book knowledge, and some learn from their hearts;
Which is always a good place to start.
You may have very long roads to travel that are tiring;
But, if you are persistent, you may be inspiring.
Life goes on whether you are active or if you rest;
For life is one giant test.
There can be light in any situation;
If you are persistent, and occasionally give yourself vacations.
For, though this world is well-populated, you should be the first person that you care for;
Because that will make you of better use to those whom you what to be there for.
For, you are an individual;
Though, of people, this world is very full.
You need to achieve goals by yourself and with other people;
And you may or may not choose to pray to whomever you believe in while you are under the steeple.
In the end, it is all up to you;
Whether you want to work for your inner peace or be satisfied being blue.