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A Miscellany 351
On God's Works and God's Plans

by: Joy Willa Hatch

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Christians give God credit for all of my accomplishments;
Even though, to achieve them; my money has to be spent.
People say that God works in mysterious ways;
Adding light to all of my dark days.
The bible and "Footprints" are certainly;
Beautiful works of poetry.
But, I can make beautiful works of poetry and art;
Without God's help; because I am smart.
My accomplishments are the work of the intelligence and creativity of my brain;
Many are due to the fact that I am psychologically insane.
If God wants to take credit for everything that has ever caused me pain just to test me;
It will be my goal to destroy the Lord; and to stop me, he will have to send cops on earth to arrest me.
But, I already spent a few hours in the drunk tank happily;
And, I already paid my twenty-five dollar fee;
So, God will have to send more troubles my way;
And, I will overcome them each and every day;
Because, I am very ingenuitive;
I have to be this way to live.
For, I have to do the best I can with very little money to spend;
And, if I don't thank the Lord, I guess to Christians, into Hell I will descend.
But, I believe that Earth is where heaven and hell exist;
That is why, so often, I am pissed.
If I am receiving many-a-test;
And that is why my brain gets very little rest;
Then, I welcome problems in a pack;
I can solve them if the stress doesn't lead to a heart attack.
But, God will be happy for, with him, I will be up in the sky;
For, I know that God wants everyone to die.
God does not love me; he is just sending tests selfishly;
That is not a being I would want to be.
For, if God is free to do to me whatever he wants;
I will trust in my heart, but I will send taunts;
I really don't have, of God, a fear;
God does not help me fight the urge for a beer.
And even after I have gotten drunk, I am still filled with talented aggression;
For, I recently solved my own severe depression.
I did this by writing poetry and posting on websites;
God didn't do this; that's why he bites.
God sickens me if He takes credit for my survival;
This doesn't make God my savior; this makes God my rival.

The world is full of predators;
To Christians, it is the plan of God.
That is why God is not a gentle being;
He is a good and evil fraud.
He is not a loving God if He creates love and hate;
That's why, to me, religion is a subject of debate.
For, why should God be respected if he wants us to live in fear;
Perhaps, this should be contemplated over a fun-loving beer.