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A Miscellany 405
He Talked to Me
a song to end religious conflict

by: hardley ferguson

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This is a song I wrote a few days ago as I watched the carnage in Gaza.

I have long believed that religion was contrived by man and not of God which became a thesis for this song. I've never understood why we insist that something written on animal skins or papyrus or clay tablets and buried for centuries had to be divine, and in fact, from my point of view, is anything but divine. To think that God would command the genocide of men, women, and even children in order for his chosen people to have a "promised" land................ well, even I as a mortal man, would never promise someone anything that I couldn't deliver without having to murder the present owners of that property (as in the "promised land"), and I always wanted to think of a God as being a better person than me.

I have often wondered if the Baptists, or Methodists, Catholics, etc. realize that if they were born in Saudi Arabia, they very probably would not be Baptist, etc. Every country, every society, dug up their own religion and taught it to their children from birth (how the twig is bent, so shall it grow). These are just a few things to ruminate on before you vote for the next war and become complicit in the murder of untold numbers of innocent people because of religious differences.

Peace and love to all.............amen.

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