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A Miscellany 442
There are zero atheists in Congress. Let's change that.

by: Secular Policy Institute

Note by JT: I'm not sure of the legality of contributions by non-Americans to this fundraising exercise. I suppose it depends on whether or not the funds are considered to be related to an election campaign or not.

I also have reservations about the initiative itself - in part because I live in a country where, with few exceptions, politicians leave their religion out of political campaigns and leave it out of their political decisions. However, the USA is very different in this respect and our US readers may indeed wish to contribute.

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The Secular Policy Institute has set up a crowdfunding campaign at Crowdpac.com to try and get a member of Congress to come out as atheist.

Why you should support this campaign

There are currently no members of Congress who are admitted atheists. That's right, zero.

That doesn't mean they don't exist. But research shows that voters continue to exhibit negative attitudes toward nonbelievers. To put it simply, non-theists pay a significant political price for their views - more-so than any other "religious group" in America.

Pledge to this campaign to show support for the next sitting member of Congress that announces their "unbelief". You'll only be charged if such a leader emerges - we'll notify you (including the name of the Member) at least 24 hours before Crowdpac charges your card and you can cancel at any time!


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