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A Miscellany 443
On this day (29 April) in UCTAA history

by: JT

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Once again, I'm rather at a loss for motivation to write, partly because I've repeated myself so often over the years. How many ways can I say the same thing?

But how many people realize I'm saying the same things over and over? Perhaps there's value in encouraging new readers to look back in the site to see what has been written in the past. How well do older articles stand up? To this end, I'll use today's date (29 April) to introduce you to a few items from the past.

Ask the Patriarch 6: Do you believe in UFOs? (2002)

Meditation 114: Debating the Unicorn's Horn (2003)

Reflections on Ethics 15: "For the prevention of disease only" (2003)

I think these articles stand up to the test of time. I wouldn't change any of them much if I were to rewrite them today. Let me know what you think - and if this approach stirs up interest, I might repeat the exercise in future updates.

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