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A Miscellany 444
On this day (13 May) in UCTAA history

by: JT

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Another update due and due to over-committing myself, there's no time to write the articles I'd intended on publishing this week. So let's take the opportunity once more to look at a few of the articles published on this date in the past.

Preachers who lie has been a minor theme here over the years, and this article deals with two of them - both lying about their military experience.

Meditation 892: Lies to build the flock up. (2011)

I was going to write an article on being gently pressed to become a Christian by an acquaintance. I may get to it in a couple of days. But, in the meantime here's a guest meditation that addresses the same issue.

Meditation 893: Desensitized to boundaries (2011)

In the US, the current presumptive Republican candidate for President has several times during his campaign advocated the use of torture. This guest ethics article argues that a civilized society cannot permit it - even if it does work (which in itself is a questionable proposition.)

Reflections on Ethics 94: Torture Works? So Oppose It -- The Moral Case Against Torture (2011)

I used to get a kick out of occasionally criticizing a Billy Graham My Answer column. I have not done that for a while - largely because I no longer read any newspaper which happens to publish it. But he -- or, more likely, his ghost writers -- are indeed still putting it out and it is available online. Perhaps I'll take up the habit again. But until then, my May 13, 2008 meditation will have to suffice.

Meditation 679: No, Dr. Graham; the answer is NOT in the Bible

For those interested in Graham's (lack of) consistency, find his April 28, 2016 column where he did not mention "Honour your father and your mother" to the person whose father was not a good role model.


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