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A Miscellany 446
An old friend lost

by: John Tyrrell

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John Karpf died last Friday. While he has not been active in UCTAA recently, he made a significant contribution in the early days. He was one of those who convinced me to take Apathetic Agnosticism a lot more seriously. Without the input and positive feedback from John and others, this website would have never have got beyond a dozen pages.

Also, for several years John provided free web hosting for some of the early versions of the site, along with a discussion board and chat room, both of which he actively moderated and participated in.

John designed some of our graphics and wrote an early Meditation -- Why People Believe in God. Along the way, for the help he provided, he was elected Patriarch of Florida, and for a number of years he was my designated successor - given the age difference, he should have outlived me by a number of years. Fate decreed otherwise.

More recently, John was highly involved in Dogma Debate as Editor in Chief of the Secular News Network and has been a vital contributor to their success.

Over some 20 years, John Karpf had a significant impact of the growth of the non-believer community. I along with many others will miss him.

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