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A Miscellany 457
Beyond belief!
Two new controversial eBooks

by: Mike Newell

For those who wish to know more about Mike Newell, see his Amazon author page.

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An antidote for America’s religiosity! My new eBook “NO GOD” has just become available on Kindle and Kindle Fire with full color illustrations throughout. 500 famous thinkers’ thoughts about religion!

Including: Woody Allen, George Carlin, Richard Dawkins, Albert Einstein, Benjamin Franklin, Sigmund Freud, Sam Harris, Adolf Hitler,Thomas Jefferson, John Lennon, Bill Maher, Mark Twain and George Washington.

Their views are Outrageous, Moving, Shocking, Bloodcurdling, Infuriating and Funny!

The book is a tribute to all the men and women, past, present and future who
dare to break free of all the old, traditional religious dogma and beliefs.

ATHEISTS AND AGNOSTICS are one of the world’s largest minorities. Of the seven billion or so people on this planet, recent research shows that over one billion of them are NOT religious! About 40 million of them are in the USA!

This book is an ideal introduction to Freethinking for young people of all ages!

It includes …Priests, Popes, Prophets, Pagans, Pop Stars, Presidents, Poets, Politicians, Comedians, Actors, Artists, Scientists, Saints, Sinners, Film Stars, Philosophers and Founding Fathers!

$12.00 Order From Amazon.com worldwide

Next - This intriguing and topical eBook has just become available on Kindle and Kindle Fire with full color illustrations throughout.


This book does not set out to out anyone, iti s to show people especially young people that very talented people can also be gay people and not just show people but all people…including… actors, architects, aristocrats, astronauts, athletes, billionaires, bishops, CEOs, comedians, generals, historians, heroes, intellectuals, journalists, judges, kings, mayors, millionaires, musicians, philosophers, police officers, pop idols, presidents, priests, psychiatrists, rabbis, race car drivers, rappers, rock stars, scientists, sex symbols, singers, socialites, songwriters, talk show hosts, tycoons, wrestlers and writers… worldwide of every color, creed and country!

$12.00 Order from Amazon.com worldwide

Oh, and please forward this to others who may be interested.

Many thanks, Mike

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