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A Miscellany 459
Miscellaneous Administrivia

by: JT

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1. The next update, whenever it comes along, might be a little buggy as I will be reverting to an older version of Dreamweaver. (5.5 - I think.) I have decided that I am no longer prepared to pay Adobe's current monthly price for Creative Suite given that I am only using it for the monthly update. Just bear with me if things go wrong.

2. I've decided to cease updating the links page. Well, it looks like I already stopped updating it back in 2014, but I'll just make that official. I don't think anyone looks at these type of pages anymore anyway. Relevant links will continue to be placed in related articles.

3. I appreciate those who have been submitting articles and keeping the site alive, permitting me to continue to suppress my increasingly rare urges to write a rant by sitting back with a shot of single malt.

4. I will not be renewing the Intolerant Agnosticism url when it next comes up for renewal. If anyone would like to take it over while I still control its destiny, just let me know what you plan to do with it - and if I like* your idea, it's yours.


* "like" in this case means "not violently opposed to".

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