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A Miscellany 460
Who Is To Blame?

by: Eido WCA

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By Eido WCA

Was it you and me
Who climbed out of a tree
Or did a spacecraft land
On the desert sand?
Enter Adam and Eve
(No mention of Steve)
Then there was Lillith
Cain, Abel and Seth
Plus a snake that could talk
(And babies are delivered by storks)
Someone planted a tree
The seeds must have been free
Was it apple or peach
The fruit was easy to reach
Adam and Eve took a bite
Then were banned for life
To a place short of rain
And were unheard of again
So Cain killed Abel
According to the fable
Then he had great success
With his wife quest
Seems Lillith and Seth
Just ran out of breath
Now we know who's to blame
It's Mr and Mrs Cain
Sometime much later
North of the Equator
All the begattin'


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