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A Miscellany 465
Nothing's The Same

by: Eido WCA

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By Eido WCA

If you can read
Some books will tell
Exactly why
Our civilization fell
Who was on which side
In World War Three
Who dropped what
On their enemies
Why there's no one
Who cares a jot
Why the ocean
Is boiling hot
And why our skin
Is coloured deep purple
Why do we stammer
When trying to verbal
Once we sang songs
Even played the cello
Now we're lucky
Just not to be jello
Many would go
To football games
They'd even sit
In the pouring rain
Things have changed
Nothing's the same
Sit in THIS rain
You gotta be insane
Women wear jewellery
Made outa bones
They have little hair
Which they can comb
We're all gonna live
In designer caves
There ain't no law
Don't have to behave
Nobody has to shirk
Cos nobody knows where
Is this place called work
Nobody owns nothing
Cos there's nothing to own
There's no such thing
As a mobile phone
Our diet consists
Of rancid meat
And weevilly bread
What a great treat
The Great Guy up in the sky
Will be appeased
If on holy G.G. Days
We have a wafer
Of radioactive cheese
Now World War Four
Will be fought over something divine
What to sip with the wafer
Goats' or pigs' urine
The Great Guy's priests
Have lotsa tribal notes
It's from these tomes
They read their quotes
There's one thing certain
Without any doubt
The common folk no longer believe
What the priests are talking about.

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