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Discussion 1 to Ask the Patriarch 26
The apathy in agnosticism

by: Ron

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Mike Sechler is confused about the apathy in the "Apathetic Agnostic" and John Tyrrell seems to ramble on without providing a direct answer.

The apathy in agnosticism is what makes it agnostic and is not being apathetic about being an agnostic. To explain, the major difference between atheist and agnostic non-believers is that the atheist states "There is no god!" while the position of the agnostic is there could be a god or there might not be a god and as far as life on this planet is concerned it doesn't or should not matter. It is this "It just doesn't matter" position that makes agnosticism apathetic and those of us who believe "It just doesn't matter" can be quite virulent or militant about expressing this view.

Mike's friend who he belives is truly an apathetic agnostic, because he refuses to discuss the matter is merely taking a stance where he/she may not personally belive however does not want to influence others belief or non-belief as it was a personal decision on his/her part and feels it likewise is decision for anyone else to arrive at through their own inner deliberations.

I hope this enlightens you Mike into the apathy of agnosticism.