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Discussion 2 to Ask the Patriarch 26
Apathetic About Agnosticism

by: Robert F vonBriesen

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This discussion seems to assume that if one is apathetic about one thing, then one must be apathetic about every thing.

In my case, I am 'apathetic' about convincing a Bible-Banger that their perspective about religion might be wrong. I leave them to their beliefs as, without that, they might have no justification to act in a moral or responsible manner.

However, when I encounter a thinking, reasonable person who is really interested in discovering personal truths without imposing contrived dogmas upon themselves, I will discuss the topic with great enthusiasm.

I am NOT apathetic about finding the appropriate balance of beliefs and personal lifestyle but I am apathetic about imposing my values on someone else. If someone is truly pursuing a path of enlightenment, they might come to the same conclusions as I have without any coaching from me. In that case, we could have a very engaging discussion (non-apathetic) for a long time.

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